Join the 9 syllable poetry movement

I was listening to a radio story about poetry, something we all think we know a lot about. Well, my interpretation of the goal of poetry is to convey a complex story or feeling in as few syllables as possible. For you millennials, poetry is a type of constrained communication — just like Twitter.

Sure, meter and rhyme can matter as well, but it was the frugality of words that struck me. And, in a strange act for a non-poet, I came up with the following:

“Cut costs”
said my spouse,
who costs a lot.

Maybe not for you, but this conveys a complex relationship between two people in just 9 syllables.  Even shorter than haiku.  Is the poet a man or a woman (my wife insists I tell you it’s not me speaking)?  Is the person quoted fearful or just fiscally conservative?  Is the speaker’s view the truth or just a faulty perception?  The poet, receiving this news, has an opinion about the speaker.  But is “a lot” of cost = “too much” cost?  Or is it the speaker’s hypocrisy that is at issue.  For that matter, what exactly are the costs that the spouse incurs — purely monetary?  What will happen next…

SO TRY IT!  respond here with a 9 syllable poem.  Need not rhyme.  It does not need the 2-3-4 syllable structure of my lines.  We can start a movement.


2 Responses to “Join the 9 syllable poetry movement”

  1. rogerhuntmp Says:

    Life is what happens when your making other plans.

  2. Dan Rubin Says:

    Large pot of coffee
    My girls are home

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